Most Expensivest sees 2 Chainz and Erykah Badu marvel at the pricey beaver used in a Stetson

2 Chainz and Erykah Badu deadpan and get sly jokes in during the Stetson segment.
2 Chainz and Erykah Badu deadpan and get sly jokes in during the Stetson segment. Pic credit: Viceland

On Viceland’s lifestyle series Most Expensivest, 2 Chainz takes celebrity guests as he tours the best of the best. On Tuesday’s episode, he has a billionaire and actress and singer join him as he heads to the Lone Star State to get the beat on the priciest hats in the USA.

In the clip below, 2 Chainz and Erykah Badu interview Stetson expert Mr. Howard, who gives them an education about the luxury hat brand.

Also on the episode, 2 Chainz visits billionaire entrepreneur, reality TV star and sports team owner Mark Cuban in Dallas to check out a luxury equestrian center.

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Known (among many things) as a headwear icon, Erykah Badu is shown learning about the luxurious hats of Texas’ own Stetson.

The episode is titled Wild Wild West and 2 Chainz is interviewing a spokesman, Mr. Howard, for Stetson, who says straight-faced regarding the blend of fur in the hats: “Everybody loves a good beaver.”

Cue the look from Badu as she smiles.

“The beaver represents more prestige,” says 2 Chainz, playing along.

American brand Stetson has been around since 1865. It represents true class and craftsmanship. The items are a 100-percent American-made product, which starts from a bale of fur to the final hat.

The hats are made of a mixture of beaver and rabbit. The beaver makes it “nice on the feel” according to Mr. Howard, as the rabbit gives it the stability to wear.

Badu is set up for the kill. She says: “That’s what she said.”

2 Chainz adds that the beaver is a tell of wealth. He says: “You kind of doing good for yourself.”

The Stetson spokesman Mr. Howard never breaks form and says: “The beaver represents more prestige.”

2 Chainz quips: “Mm-hmm. I heard that! So you can get a 100 percent beaver hat?”

Mr. Howard says: “Yes, sir. Yes.”

In for the drum roll zinger, 2 Chainz says: “Excellent. That’s when you’re doing good.”

Mr. Howard corrects himself on the beaver percentage. He says: “Well, and actually you get a mixture…about 98 percent beaver…but then you throw a little bit of chinchilla in there. That’s when it gets good.”

Not liking the new Chinchilla information, Badu sniffs: “So sad.”
The two are shown a 14-karat gold buckle set with 26 real diamonds in it.

And if you are wearing your pricey Stetson and someone gets a soda on it, fret not. Mr. Howard says: “You can actually send it back to us and we’ll clean it for you for free.”

Apparently, a little sandpaper is the key to cleaning a hat.

Then 2 Chainz asks Mr. Howard: “What classifies someone as a cowboy? Is it just wearing a cowboy hat? Like, what makes you a cowboy?”

Mr. Howard says: “It’s really just the lifestyle – you lead, rodeo.”

Also on the episode, 2 Chainz heads to Montana and also checks out the “most expensivest”  boots and a money clip that costs over $20,000.

Meanwhile, Erykah Badu has a bit of history with the Wild West, as she starred in a terrific short film by Jeymes Samuels shown at the 2013 SXSW titled They Die By Dawn.

Erykah Badu at after-party for They Die By Dawn at SXSW (2013) Pic credit: Monsters & Critics
Erykah Badu at the afterparty for They Die By Dawn at SXSW (2013) Pic credit: Monsters & Critics

Director and musician Jeymes Samuel showed the film back on March 16, 2013.  The cast and crew were all there in Austin with film sponsor Bulleit Bourbon to meet with Monsters & Critics. Musician and actor Erykah Badu (cast as the infamous Stagecoach Mary) was also DJing the after party held in Austin.

She starred in the short film along with Michael K. Williams, Jesse Williams, Nate Parker, Rosario Dawson, Isaiah Washington and Giancarlo Esposito.

Make sure to tune in to Most Expensivest to see how 2 Chainz fares in the Wild West.

2 Chainz and Erykah Badu Try $5,000 Cowboy Hats | MOST EXPENSIVEST


Most Expensivest airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Viceland.

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