Morgan’s epic struggle to single-handedly build a house on Mountain Men

Morgan moves a wooden frame as he builds house
Morgan moves a wooden frame as he builds house on Mountain Men

This week on Mountain Men, Morgan Beasley undertakes the difficult and dangerous task of building a house on his own!

As anyone who’s even put up a shed or garage in their backyard will know, constructing any sort of building can be tricky work and is seldom a one-man job.

Take that and times it by ten if you are trying to build a large cabin in the middle of nowhere with the nearest help over 60 miles away.

However, this is the task that Morgan has set himself and he uses his determination, ingenuity and brute strength to try and assemble the new home.

But even using ‘dead men’ and ropes, he struggles to get some of the larger parts of the cabin in place and it’s a pretty hairy business with danger never far away.

Morgan trying to raise a heavy wall frame on his own
Morgan risks serious injury as he tries to raise a heavy wall frame on his own

One slip and a frame could fall and crush his leg or leave him with another serious injury, hours or days from medical help.

Also on this week’s episode, Jason continues his hunt for some decent land and Marty has some new strategies.

We told today how the family of late Mountain Men star Preston Roberts are set to have a new roof fitted at their home this weekend after fans helped raise over $90,000 to support them.

The money was raised through a fundraising page set up by co-star and long-time friend Eustace Conway after Preston died following a battle with cancer last month.

Mountain Men airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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