Morgan slices leg open after accident with axe on Mountain Men

Morgan working some wood with his very sharp axe
Morgan working with his very sharp axe on Mountain Men

Mountain Men’s Morgan Beasley slices his leg open while chopping timber on this week’s episode — after making a mistake with his axe.

The accident happens whilst he is out cutting down trees and splitting timber. When he chops down with the axe to flatten off a piece of wood, he misses and cuts deep into his leg.

At first he doesn’t think it is too bad but he then feels the blood and rushes into the cabin as he shout for Margaret to fetch the first-aid kit. As he pull up his trousers she gasps “ooh that’s bad”.

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Margaret looking shocked at Morgan's cut
Margaret whinces as she sees how deep Morgan’s cut is on Mountain Men

Let’s hope it’s not too serious or incapacitating as out in the wilds you cannot afford to be injured for long.

Meantime, also on this week’s episode Marty has really taken his task of discouraging the wolf pack to heart and goes on a bit of a killing spree.

Last week we saw him preparing some traps as he worried the pack were straying too close to his home.

This week’s episode comes after Preston Roberts, who featured on the show alongside his friend Eustace Conway, passed away on Monday following a battle with cancer.

Mountain Men airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on History Channel.

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