Moniece Slaughter will be on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood but she’s clearing things up about Fizz and Apryl

Moniece on Love and Hip Hop
Moniece wants to clear some things up about the portrayal of her crying on the latest preview. Pic credit: VH1

On the next episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Moniece Slaughter will be making an appearance but she’s already calling out the VH1 series for the way things looked in a recent preview.

It all has to do with her baby daddy Fizz and Apryl Jones, who are about to go public with that romance that they have been denying all season long. It all starts with Zell Swag, who shows a video of Fizz and Apryl to Jason Lee. It’s pretty obvious by the video that they are definitely more than just friends.

Watch the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood sneak peek below.

Moniece saw the preview on OMFGRealityTV’s Instagram post and had some things to say.

“I really hope they show the part where they showed me the pics and I was totally unphased because my son had already told me everything,” Moniece wrote in the comments section of the post.

“And everybody in the scene was shocked I wasn’t shocked lol,” she went on to say. “Then I hope they show the part where they tell everybody in the scene that they’re actually a couple but when I walk up they walk off. Then I walk out of the venue.”

But that’s not all. In fact, Moniece Slaughter had plenty more to say about the upcoming Love & Hip Hop scene.

“Then Apryl chased me down (after walking away and giving me the silent treatment) to tell me she just wanted to check on me at which point I politely expressed I didn’t need to talk to her about anything let alone her bedroom business with my baby daddy at which point she became loud and disrespectful. At which point bd came out. And disrespected me. And THEEEENNNNN I BROKE DOWN.” She concluded, “Don’t make it seem like I just broke down cuz these n***as is f**kin. Lol. You know what. Let me call mama Mona. BRB.”

Moniece comments on OMFGReality TV's post
Moniece’s comments on OMFGRealityTV’s Instagram post. Pic credit: Instagram/omfgrealitytv

A fan responded, @moniece_slaughter even if you were sis. You have a right to be. They a bit trifling. #facts”.

A fan's response to Moniece's comment.
A fan responds to Moniece. Pic credit: Instagram/omfgrealitytv

“I appreciate the support,” Moniece responded. “But I’m actually not as irrational as they paint me to be. I don’t have the right to be upset at they’re dating situations on a personal level unless those affect my son. Which over time. It did. And unless I end up being disrespected as a result of, which I was!”

Then Moniece made sure to clear up any confusion that others may have about her relationship with Lil Fizz.

“I have zero intimate feelings for my BD & vice versa. He’s never lead me to believe that he did. So it’s not an omg you said you loved me & wanted us to be a family and you’re with someone else now how could you?, type of situation. And she was never my friend. Acquaintance. Cordial. But we weren’t friends. So she owed me no loyalty. She didn’t break the girl code. Them being together is a betrayal to Omari. Not to me.”

Moniece responds to fan
Moniece responds to her fan. Pic credit: Instagram/omfgrealitytv

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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