Monica Patel and boyfriend Imad row over religion on Married to Medicine Houston

Monica death-stares Imad as he accuses her on Married to Medicine Houston
Monica death-stares Imad as he talks about religion on this week’s Married to Medicine Houston

Monica Patel and boyfriend Imad Khalil have an almighty row on Married to Medicine Houston this week — about religion.

To make things worse, the couple have it out in front of other guests at a Shabbat dinner hosted by socialite Cindi Rose.

The argument centers around Monica saying she’s a “free-spirited liberal-thinking person”, with Imad disagreeing. He says: “I can’t believe you’re saying that. You’re not. You’re far from that.”

He then says to the other guests: “Ask her, if we have a kid, what way it is going to be raised?”

The argument steps up a gear as he then accuses her of wanting to raise her kids religiously because of pressure from her parents.

Talking about a potential child, she says: “I’m spiritual so I want to raise it my way.”

But he tells the others: “To me it’s not a big deal, and to her I know it’s not a big deal, but who is it a big deal to? Our parents. Her parents are old school. They force her to be in a certain way.”

She looks like she is about to explode at this point, and says: “My parents don’t force me to be any way. I am who I am. Are you trying to fight with me? I don’t know what’s wrong.”

She then says in a confessional with producers: “He knows I want to raise our children Hindu, and he was ok with it before.”

And she slams him for bringing it up in public, saying: “We need to talk about religion, but we need to do it by ourselves in private, not at this formal Shabbat dinner in front of a whole bunch of people.”

Back at the table she tells him: “Come on, stop it. Just stop it. I did not bring this s**t up right now, just stop it.”

Married to Medicine Houston co-star Erika Sato, who has been watching silently from across the table, tells producers: “They need to have a conversation behind closed doors so things like this don’t happen in front of other people.”

Also on this week’s Married to Medicine Houston, Rachel Suliburk — who denied Cindi’s invitation to dinner — hosts her own night with  Ashandra Batiste and Elly Poursaf, who is still fuming about the things Monica has had to say about her.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s live-in-mother Maribel Henderson has a potential suitor after trying out online dating.

Married to Medicine Houston airs Fridays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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