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Molested at age five, Schenee’s heartbreaking story on My 600-lb Life

On tonight’s tragic My 600-lb Life, a woman who was molested as a young child recalls the events that led to a life of overeating to assuage the pain of the event.

Trauma plus time has lead tonight’s subject on My 600-lb Life, Schenee, to weigh over 600 pounds as an adult.

Imagine you are only five-years-old and a trusted family member brutally rapes you? Schenee recounts her horrific story tonight in our exclusive clip, and it is verified by her mother Verlena who thought Schenee was safe at her uncle’s house.

But an older cousin had cornered Schenee while she was out of sight and away from the adults in the house down in the basement. This criminal act has forever changed the trajectory of her life and created a nightmare of morbid obesity.

Schenee’s mother Verlena took her to the doctor because Schenee was so injured from the event that she was unable to use the bathroom.

Schenee’s mother was very protective, but not enough to prevent a predatory relative from hurting her

Food then became Schenee’s go-to antidepressant that she used to self-medicate with, and by the time she was seven-years-old, she weighed in at 130 pounds.

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