Mochi from America’s Got Talent: See some of his other incredible performances

Mochi on AGT
Mochi on America’s Got Talent as he introduces himself to the judges. Pic credit: NBC

Mochi from America’s Got Talent made a huge splash with audiences during the June 5 episode of the show.

As showcased in the video below, the diabolo artist left the judges grasping for words to describe what they had just seen.

At the end of his performance — part of the second round of auditions for AGT Season 13 — Mochi was sent on to the next round with unanimous support.

Not only was Mochi very talented during his act, but his personality made him one of the shining stars of the evening.

It is easy to see how audiences may vote for him and continue pushing him through the live rounds later on in the season.

Personality can become a huge part of success in reality competition shows such as this one, so it could suit him really well to have the judges in his corner already.

Audiences are now looking forward to what he might do next on the big stage, but in the meantime there’s plenty of footage of his past performances to enjoy.

Mochi’s full name is Yusaku Mochizuki, and he has been honing his diablo juggling skills for years — and often shares his talent and tricks on his YouTube page.

His performances using the diabolo have become very well-known, but he could well become a superstar during his time on AGT.

On his channel, Mochi also shares some of his practice sessions, which show off a few of the tricks that he may be waiting to share on the show.

The videos of Mochi are a good way to enjoy his performances and see just how good he is at his craft.

Viewers of America’s Got Talent will have to wait a while to see him again, as NBC needs to work through all of the audition episodes before anyone returns to the stage.

Hopefully, Mochi ends up being one of the acts that get shown in the next round and the producers don’t decide to simply make him part of a montage.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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