Misfit Garage head to Georgia and pick up a moonshine runner

Misfit Garage
The boys from Misfit Garage take a trip to Georgia and pickup a classic moonshine runner

Tonight Misfit Garage head to Georgia for some NASCAR fun and come back with a ’40 Ford Tudor.

Thom and Tom are lucky enough to go on a lap with NASCAR legend Bill Elliot and they also pickup the classic rum runner, the Ford Tudor.

Elliot is retired but chalked up 44 wins in the Cup Series and was voted the most popular driver 16 times, he also holds the record for fastest qualifying speed at Talladega.

NASCAR has its roots in  bootlegging so it’s appropriate the Misfit team picked up a ’40 Ford.

An example of an all original unmodified ’40 Ford Tudor

These old Fords were one of the most popular cars in the scene right up until the ’50s. They came with a flathead V8 but this was often swapped out for the biggest Cadillac engine the moonshine runners could find.

They plan a hot rod rebuild on this vintage Ford but the pressure soon mounts and the tension builds.

This one has been turned into an eye-popping street rod

Maybe by the end they’ll be needing some moonshine of their own!

Watch Misfit Garage Mondays 9/8c on Discovery.

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