Minnie stops breathing amid health drama on Little Women: Atlanta

Minnie struggling to breathe as she uses the treadmill on this week's Little Women: Atlanta
Minnie struggling to breathe as she uses the treadmill on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta

Minnie faces a scary medical issue on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta — after nearly collapsing on a treadmill, just days after her mum told her she had stopped breathing while sleeping.

The revelation that she might be suffering from some sort of condition comes when she’s at the gym with co-stars Amanda and Andrea Salinas, and she struggles to draw breaths after just two minutes on the treadmill.

Minnie looks close to collapse as her chest starts heaving in and out heavily.

After having a bit of time to recover, she admits to the twins that she is worried something is wrong — after her mum walked into her room a few nights previously and found she had stopped breathing.

Minnie says she is nervous and needs to get it checked out by a doctor, so they can diagnose if there is something wrong with her.

Stopping breathing while sleeping is commonly due to a condition called sleep apnea, where the body pauses between breaths while a person is asleep.

Sometimes these pauses can last longer than is safe, meaning the disorder is potentially dangerous.

But Minnie needs to get checked out to see if that is the problem, or if it is something else, before drawing any conclusions.

This week’s Little Women: Atlanta, titled Houston, We Have a Problem, also sees Monie travel to Houston to see her son, and when she asks her ex if her son can come and live with her in Atlanta, she gets a different answer to the one she was expecting.

The episode also sees Tanya expressing fears about what the future holds in store for her and Nico.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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