Million Dollar Matchmaker: The party animal and the cradle snatcher

Anna Lisa
On Million Dollar Matchmaker Anna Lisa is looking for love, but is she looking in the right places?

In this episode of WE tv’s Million Dollar Matchmaker Anna Lisa needs to get her love life under control and Tony has to realise he is not 21 anymore.

Loosey Goosey and Mr Forever 21 sees Patti Stanger and her team trying to help out Anna Lisa who loves to party but also wants to find true love.

She says: “I’m desperate for love because I’ve been single a long time and with the loneliness I’m always substituting it for a different man.”

Patti asks her if she is seeing anyone and Anna Lisa admits she is. Patti demands she break up with him that day, if she wants help getting fixed up.

Also needing her expert help is Patti’s friend Tony who really needs to start dating men who are closer to his age.

The 46-year-old lives in California and says he has tried to meet men in his age-group, but adds: “Truth is they’re, you know, dusty old farts I’m not interested in.”

He gets emotional with one of his dates and explains to Patti: “This guy could be me.”

Eventually Patti gets increasingly exasperated with Tony rejecting everyone and tells him straight: “If I can’t fix you up with someone who the f*** can?”

Million Dollar Matchmaker airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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