Million Dollar Matchmaker: Is pop star Neon Hitch too focused on SEX?

Pop star Neon Hitch on tonight's Million Dollar Matchmaker
Pop star Neon Hitch on tonight’s Million Dollar Matchmaker on Bravo

On tonight’s Million Dollar Matchmaker, meet Neon — a 30-year-old pop star who according to host Patti Stanger is too focused on SEX.

The millionaire musician takes part in Episode 5 of Bravo’s matchmaking show for the rich and famous, but Patti has concerns whether she’ll ever find love if she keeps being so overtly sexual rather than leading with her heart.

Neon Hitch, from England, has played on her sex appeal in her career — with two of her hit songs named P***y PowR and F*** U Betta.

The singer — who describes her self as “a little bit out there, in the good way not the bad way” — tells Patti on tonight’s Million Dollar Matchmaker: “I wanna be held and I want to cuddle someone.”

But as tensions build, Patti yells: “You can’t be held if you lead with f***ing”.

Meanwhile, powerful perfectionist Jason has a list of 17 points that his potential match needs to fulfil — which leaves Patti dumbfounded.

She tells him: “That’s a lot, for the universal matchmaker to come and fulfil your every need.”

And the ladies are taken aback when he talks about not wanting to have to find “frumpy” women attractive.

Patti says: “The recruiting process for Jason would be easy if he wasn’t so unrealistic in his standards. He always thinks there’s a better one around the corner, and he thinks he has all of the time in the world to get that girl.

“Sooner or later he’s going to be in a nursing home with a little cane, going ‘help me, help me, someone date me’.”

Also on tonight’s episode, it all kicks off with one woman in the studio. Watch the preview below.

And check out some of the candidates for Jason — including a Katy Perry double.

Million Dollar Matchmaker airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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