Million Dollar Listing New York’s Ryan never told Emilia he wasn’t Catholic

Emilia reacts after finding out that Ryan isn't Catholic on this week's Million Dollar Listing New York special
Emilia reacts after finding out Ryan isn’t Catholic on this week’s Million Dollar Listing New York special

On the second part of the Million Dollar Listing New York special tonight about Ryan Serhant and his fiancee Emilia’s wedding, she is left close to hysterical after finding out he isn’t Catholic!

Their wedding in Greece is not far off on the horizon but the plans are still hardly made. However, when the pair visit Wisconsin for the 90th birthday of Ryan’s gran, Emilia tells everyone the one thing that is decided is that they’ll be getting married in a church.

So she is left totally stunned when Ryan’s mum tells her he wasn’t baptised Catholic — something she had always thought he was.

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The revelation emerges when Ryan’s mum says she is worried because she can’t find the baptismal certificate. But when Emilia says, “but he’s baptised Catholic, right?”, Ryan’s mum says: “No!”

The expression on Emilia’s face is priceless as she says: “Oh my God, he hasn’t been baptised Catholic?! What is he baptised?”

Ryan’s mum says: “Congregational! I can’t believe you didn’t know that.”

Emilia is close to hysterical as she says: “Oh my God this whole time I thought he was baptised Catholic and we were going to get married in a church!”

Ryan tells the camera: “I’m not Catholic! I don’t think we’ve ever actually talked about this before, I didn’t even know that that was a bad thing not to be!”

Emilia adds: “I don’t know what to do…” and she tells Ryan: “This is a really big problem. How are we going to get married in a Greek church if we don’t even know what you are in the first place.”

She tells the camera: “This entire time, probably years, I thought Ryan was Catholic. The Greek church won’t let us get married unless he’s baptised Catholic. We can’t get married in the church.”

Also on the Million Dollar Listing special tonight, Ryan continues to find his listing in NYC is getting in the way of both the wedding plans and his and Emilia’s relationship.

And he quickly realises he’s going to have to make a big change — and soon — or risk losing Emilia completely.

The four-part Million Dollar Listing New York special about Ryan’s wedding airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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