Miller Lite commercials for 2019: Watch the TV spots ridiculing Bud Light

Miller Lite commercial
The new Miller Lite commercial targets Bud Light. Pic credit: Miller Lite

Miller Lite has released a couple of new commercials for 2019 and they ridicule one of the beer company’s biggest competitors. The company released two commercials on their YouTube channel this week with two additional shorter versions.

It’s clear to see that Miller Lite is mocking Bud Light, claiming that not only does Miller Lite have better taste, but the beer also has fewer calories, making it the obvious choice for consumers.

In the first commercial called Snow, a film crew is filming something in the Ye Old Bud Light Fantasy Land, where everything is Bud Light-themed. The scene is similar to that of Game of Thrones, but the production crew appears to run into trouble, including with a faulty snow machine.

As the production crew wraps up for the day, the crew sits back and enjoys a cold beer. They can choose between Bud Light and Miller Lite with the crew choosing Miller Lite.

The message is that in the real world, taste is more important. Miller Lite is clearly ridiculing Bud Light over its taste and calories, ending the commercial with the message that Miller Lite is the best choice for people in real life.

You can see a shorter version of the commercial here:

In the second commercial, the production crew is still working on the same production. This commercial is called Aftermath.

Here, the crew is working on what appears to be the final scene with a knight in blue armor laying on the battlefield. A few cases of Bud Light are off to the side on the battlefield.

As the crew wraps up production, the actors start returning to normal with one making a phone call in full costume, while another removes his headgear and puts on his glasses.

They head to a tent to unwind, having the option of Bud Light and Miller Lite. The knight in blue picks Miller Lite, along with a few crew members.

Again, the message is that taste is more important in the real world. The commercial ends again with the message that more taste and half the carbs than Bud Light makes Miller Lite the better option.

You can see a shorter version of the commercial here:

You can see all of the new Miller Lite commercials on the company’s YouTube channel.

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