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Millennials Alex Apple and Gina Lam burn cash out of spite on Stranded with a Million Dollars

Alex Apple burns tens of thousands of dollars in cash for spite on Stranded with a Million Dollars

After a month surviving in a South Pacific jungle to win his share of $1million, Alex convinces Gina to help shred and burn tens of thousands of dollars tonight on MTV’s Stranded with a Million Dollars.

They must think they’re losing, because if they plan to stick it out they’re burning money that would have gone home with them if they survived til the end of 40 days.

That’s completely insane.

“We’re about to raise the stakes as high as they’ll get,” Alex says.

That’s not strategy. It’s stupidity. Plain and simple.

“I will sit here and rip up every last dollar unless we agree to buy some food and the smallest pot, delivered today,” Alex says.

He goes and grabs all the money that belongs to everybody in the group and begins destroying it.

It’s such a tempter tantrum! OMG!

I want to laugh hysterically, but what’s he’s doing is so incredibly mean-spirited and wrong.

Is he doing it with the intention of flaring out?

I wish he and Gina would both quit tonight, but so far they seem to get Hail Marys every time they’re on the fence about leaving.

Cody is understandably pissed.

“So you tell me, has Alex lost his mind?” Cody asks.

Cody’s so digusted with his despicable castmates that he made a video about how much they suck, and set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help pay for a baby’s cancer treatment, in an effort to demonstrate Millennials are not all selfish jerks like Alex and Gina.

The Go Fund Me for Baby Asher Oates ties into #MTVStranded because his disabled veteran father is a super-fan of the show.

At publish time, Cody had raised over $1,100 after announcing the fundraiser last night.

Cody doesn’t need to be worrying about Karma, no matter how ugly it gets on the show.

Alex and Gina, on the other hand, oughta lock their doors and stay inside.

Tonight we’ll find out just how much Karma will owe them by the end of this show.

Stranded with a Million Dollars airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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