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Milk Snob: Where can you buy baby covers from Shark Tank?

The Milk Snob as a child seat cover and, right, as a nursing cover
The Milk Snob as a child seat cover and, right, as a nursing cover

Milk Snob — which creates multi-functional covers for moms and their babies — featured on Shark Tank. But where can you buy their products, and what exactly do they do?

Milk Snob covers are multi-purpose and can be used for two main things: 1) To cover an infant car seat, keeping your little one protected from the elements like harsh sunlight, and out of the view of prying eyes, while remaining ventilated. 2) To use as a nursing cover if you want privacy while breastfeeding your baby in public.

They can also be used to fit around the baby-carrier on shopping trollies to keep your baby away from any unwanted germs.


Founder Melanie Disbrow pitched the business on Shark Tank, but it’s already up and running and you can buy their standard cover for $36 on the Milk Snob website.

The normal cover comes in more than 40 different designs to match your personality and lifestyle, from stripes and patterns to plain colors.

All the Milk Snobs are made of a natural-based Rayon blend material, which is lightweight as well as being soft and cool to the touch. They also come in a one-size-fits-all design which fits all body-shapes including plus-sizes.

The firm also has a drawstring version which costs $44, and also sells swaddle blankets at $18.

The Milk Snob was a 2016 National Parenting Product Awards Winner.

All the firm’s products are listed on their website, and you can also buy gift cards. You can also check out pictures of the Milk Snob in action on their Instagram.

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