Mike digs deeper and his daughter comes to town in Channel Zero: Candle Cove

A still from this week's new episode of Channel Zero. Watch the clip below if you dare
A still from this week’s new episode of Channel Zero. Watch the clip below if you dare

In this episode of the Channel Zero: Candle Cove, Mike’s daughter arrives out of the blue in Iron Hill forcing him and Jessica to take action.

Lilly arrives rather mysteriously and Mike and Jessica have to try and patch up past issues and also shield Lilly from Candle Cove.

As Mike digs deeper he also uncovers more information about the 1988 murders, but will it help tie it all together?

Watch a clip from tonight’s new episode of Channel Zero below.

Channel Zero follows a child psychologist who goes back to his home town to look into the unsolved disappearance of his twin brother and a bunch of other kids who also went missing in the 80s.

He wants to find out how these events are connected to a weird local kid’s TV show called Candle Cove, which aired at the time.

The series is based on the creepypasta of Candle Cove, which was written by Kris Straub as an online post where people talk about an old TV show.

They remember the creepy characters and the nightmares they used to have after watching. But when one poster asks their mother about the show she tells him he used to just stare at static for half an hour…

Watch Channel Zero: Candle Cove – A Strange Vessel at 9/8c on Syfy.

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