Mike Farrell guest-stars on NCIS cast again, Gibbs must deal with assassin

Mike Farrell on the NCIS cast as Judge Miles Deakin
Mike Farrell on the NCIS cast as Judge Miles Deakin. Pic credit: CBS

Actor Mike Farrell guest-starred on the NCIS cast for the May 7 episode of the show. He first appeared on the episode called “Judge, Jury…” and then was showcased again on “…and Executioner.”

The new episode started by giving some closure to a plot point from last week.

At the end of that episode, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Leon (Rocky Carroll) came across Westley Clark (Scott William Winters) murdered, with Mallory (Dionne Gipson) standing over him.

It turned out that Mallory shot Clark, adding some more intrigue to the previous story.

It was then time to revisit Judge Miles Deakin (played by Mike Farrell). His first scene revealed that he was indeed one of the people behind a nationwide network of vigilante justice.

It was immediately teased that Judge Deakin had put out a hit on Gibbs. Would the NCIS team leader be able to survive the night?

Who is Mike Farrell on NCIS cast?

Actor Mike Farrell has already made a huge impact on the NCIS cast as Judge Miles Deakin. The role started out as a large one as he presided over a case that involved the NCIS team.

From there, it evolved into something even bigger, as it was revealed that he was also judging people outside of his courtroom.

Before NCIS had even aired its first episode, Mike Farrell was a huge television star. He appeared on 179 episodes of M*A*S*H as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt.

While Farrell acted in many television shows and movies after that, he is still remembered fondly as Hunnicutt. Now, NCIS fans are going to remember him for a while as well.

The choice to have Mike Farrell join the NCIS cast was a good one, as he has served well in the role of the judge. On the surface, he did well as a judge just trying to dole out justice in his courtroom.

It got even better when it was revealed that he was quietly working behind the scenes to make sure criminals were paying for their crimes. He just took it too far.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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