Mikaela Astel and The Bundys perform Songbird during The Voice battle rounds

Mikaela Astel on The Voice
Mikaela Astel performs Songbird with The Bundys on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Members from Kelly Clarkson’s team on The Voice wowed fans tonight when the performed Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird, which has also been covered by Eva Cassidy.

The performance was beautifully done, but also a new occurrence. Fans got to watch Mikaela Astel perform at 14 years old as well as watch The Voice’s first trio, The Bundys, perform alongside her.

Fans were anxious to see who Kelly Clarkson would pick tonight. She was the last judge with her team completed, being a bit pickier this season.

As always, Clarkson is definitely in it to win it, making it hard for her to narrow down her team during the battle rounds.

Mikaela Astel on The Voice

Mikaela Astel won the heart of many fans tonight when she performed in the battle rounds with The Bundys. The teen gave a beautiful performance, gaining a lot of recognition.

Astel received a lot of praise from the judges as well as constructive criticism. She admitted she was nervous to perform, and the judges could tell from the shakiness of her voice.

Fans don’t blame her for being nervous at all. It isn’t every day that you have the chance to perform in front of four renowned musicians.

Despite her performance and praise, Kelly Clarkson decided that The Bundys were necessary to move her team forward and closer to winning.

The Bundys – The Voice’s first trio

The Bundys surprised The Voice judges during the blind auditions. The judges were prepared for one single artist, but the harmonies of the three of the siblings together is what won Kelly Clarkson over.

As we saw in the blind auditions, The Bundys used their performance of Songbird with Mikaela Astel to focus on their vocal harmonies.

The trio is extremely talented and has won over a lot of fans and judges for being such a wonderful sibling trio on The Voice.

Although the choice was hard for Kelly Clarkson, it was the harmonizing from The Bundys that won Clarkson over during the battle rounds.

It was easy for fans to see why it was a hard choice for Clarkson to choose between The Bundys and Astel, but fans have faith that Clarkson made the right decision to move her team forward.

One thing is for sure, fans are extremely excited to see what comes next for the sibling trio that is The Bundys.

The Voice airs on Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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