Mika Aguilar slammed by Little Women: LA fans after Tonya Banks pee prank

Mika Aguilar in the Little Women: LA confessional
Mika Aguilar has been making enemies on Little Women: LA

Mika Aguilar is quickly becoming the villain on Little Women: LA. Viewers weren’t laughing after the last episode when Mika “pretend” urinated in Tonya Banks’ drink during the Solvang trip.

In fact, many were so angry that they voiced their outrage on social media, many of them suggesting that Tonya should have taken legal action against her co-star.

It’s been the general consensus that the prank Mika pulled on Tonya wasn’t funny. In fact, it was pretty disgusting to pretend to urinate in someone’s drink.

Some Little Women: LA fans even pointed out that if she had actually tinkled in the drink, Tonya could have pressed charges.

In California, you can be charged with assault and battery for intentionally throwing or placing bodily fluids on another person. Urinating in someone’s drink and then watching them drink it would certainly count.

Considering that Mika and Tonya were already having problems before they even went to Solvang, it probably would have been better if they had just stayed away from each other. By pulling a “prank” on Tonya, Mika just proved why Tonya wasn’t wrong to refuse her prior apology.

In reality TV, there always needs to be a villain and Mika Aguilar is filling that role to perfection this season. She starts drama where there is none and has no problem getting her co-stars all riled up.

She’s so good at being the bad guy that some Little Women: LA fans have said that they want her thrown off the show. The constant pettiness seems to be too much for some who believe Mika, unlike Terra, just isn’t a valuable enough asset on the show to to have fans continuing to grit their collective teeth as she figures out which member of the cast to take aim at next.

Mika joined the show as a friend of Terra and Jasmine but even that will only get her so far. Right off the bat, she started drama with Elena over her perceived attitude.

She managed to make up with Jasmine after a short spat but only after Terra insisted that she should apologize. After the latest drama with Tonya and talking about Christy behind her back, Mika just isn’t making any new friends on the Little Women: LA cast.

It’s not clear if Mika Aguilar’s penchant for pranks and drama is going to help her stay on the show or if Lifetime will listen to the fans and give her the boot. In the meantime, the Mika hate is real and it seems to be coming from both those in front of the cameras and fans watching from home as well.

Little Women: LA airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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