Mika Aguilar from Little Women LA: Everything you need to know

Who is Mika Aguilar on Little Women LA
Mika Aguilar gets ready to mini golf on Little Women: LA

Mika Aguilar is becoming a familiar face to fans of Little Women: LA — but who is she and what’s her background?

Mika was added to the cast for Season 7 and it hasn’t taken her long to stir up quite a bit of drama with the other ladies.

Mika lists herself as an actress and it’s not due to her appearances on the Lifetime reality show. She has quite a few films under her belt according to her IMDb profile listed under her maiden name, Mika Winkler.

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That said, Mika isn’t exactly a starring actress in her many roles. Instead, she’s played roles like “Little Person #3” in Extreme Movie and “Lil’ Dancer” in Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary. Her most recent role according to the IMDb list was in 2012 when she played an elf in Hercules Saves Christmas.

Mika married Rudy Aguilar in 2016, hence the name change from Winkler to Aguilar. Terra Jole was reportedly at Mika’s wedding. Prior to her role on Little Women: LA, Mika appeared in Terra’s spinoff, Terra’s Big House.

Mika Aguilar’s role on Season 7 of Little Women: LA seems to revolve around being friends with Terra. As such, she has learned quickly how to cause drama with the other women on the show, namely Tonya Banks. Mika even recently led Tonya to believe that she urinated in her drink.

Tonya isn’t the only Little Women: LA star to clash with Mika since she joined the show. The LWLA newcomer has also been butting heads with Jasmine and more recently, Christy Gibel. Around the same time she was “pranking” Tonya about her drink, she also took shots at Christy about her weight.

If Mika (Winkler) Aguilar joined Little Women: LA this season to be an instigator, she’s doing a great job. So far, she has remained friendly with Terra Jole on the show and seems to have mended some previous drama with Jasmine Arteaga Sorge. When it comes to the rest of the cast, though, lately Mika has been making more friends than enemies.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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David w
David w
3 years ago

No! That can’t be true…mika Winkler can’t be married,because she and I should be together forever…she take my breath away with her personality and beauty…she is so smart…
Lots of love mika…from me…
Dave Welsh