Michael Strahan’s daughter gives health update after recent social media absence

michael strahan face shot from gma episode on abc
Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, returned to social media with several updates. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Strahan’s daughter returned to social media recently following a brief hiatus.

Isabella Strahan, who is one of the Good Morning America host’s 19-year-old twin daughters, has been on a journey to recovery after her medulloblastoma diagnosis late last year.

Following the successful removal of a tumor from her brain, Isabella has gone through rehabilitation, tests, and emergency surgery and is in the process of getting chemotherapy treatments.

She often provides updates via her official YouTube channel, where she created a vlog about her health journey to show others.

However, some of her fans and supporters may have been concerned as she last uploaded a video on the platform three weeks ago.

In a recent update, she gave a seemingly positive indication that she’s still on the path to better health.

Isabella shares ‘still alive’ social media update

On her official TikTok page, Isabella shared a video of herself wearing a black buttoned-up long-sleeved shirt and jeans. She was smiling, rocking her bald hair, and lipsynched part of Miley Cyrus’ Malibu, which played over the clip.

She lipsynched Cyrus’s lyrics, “I never would’ve believed you/ if three years ago you told me / I’d be here…writing this song.”

However, when it got to the “writing this song,” the word changed to “Bald” on the screen.

“But here I am / Next to you,” Isabella lipsynched.

Her TikTok caption read, “But still alive so #for you,” seeming to let fans know she’s doing well.

The clip above followed other TikTok videos from Isabella, including a quick lipsynch and dance video (below).

Before that, she last posted to the video-sharing platform on April 26, and the video above marked her return.

Fans react to seeing Isabella back on social media

With her recent return to TikTok, Isabella Strahan continues to receive much support from fans and followers.

“Glad to see you up and about! Feel better!” a commenter wrote with praying hands and a heart emoji.

Another commenter said they loved Isabella’s “energy” and told her to “Keep it up.”

“Isabella so good to see you all well…Continued prayers…,” wrote another individual.

isabella strahan fans show support tiktok video return
Pic credit: @isabellastrahan/TikTok

As mentioned, Isabella’s journey to better health has featured ups and downs, as she revealed in a vlog last month. That included a return to the hospital and her doctor telling her they needed to push back her date for finishing chemotherapy.

She’d previously expressed joy over the date it would end but shared disappointment when her doctor told her the chemo would end later than initially planned.

Isabella received her diagnosis following a health scare last year while attending the University of Southern California. Based on the optimism in her vlogs, she plans to return to school this fall after missing time due to her recovery.

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