Mia Bally from Married at First Sight detained at airport in sneak peek

Mia Bally from Season 7 of Married At First Sight
Mia Bally got married to Tristan Thompson on Married at First Sight and they’re already hitting a snag

Mia Bally married Tristan Thompson on the Season 7 premiere of Married at First Sight. They were the only couple that didn’t kiss, but it had nothing to do with their chemistry.

In fact, all three MAFS couples looked so promising that the show’s relationship experts agreed Season 7 might well turn out to be the show’s most successful season ever!

Despite that, it looks like the season won’t be without its drama — after a sneak peek showed Mia getting detained at an airport.

Mia Bally is an international airline recruiter and you’d think that she, of all people, would be able to get through airport security without a hitch. So what went wrong?

“We are in customs and couldn’t get on the plane. My wife Mia has been detained,” Tristan told cameras.

Tristan then explained that something has happened with Mia and he “doesn’t know what the hell is going on.”

Tristan Thompson laying on the floor at the hotel on Married At First Sight
Tristan was distraught in the airport after Mia was detained

In the clip, Tristan could be seen pacing around in the airport by himself. Later, he was shown walking up and down the hallway of a hotel too, again by himself.

The scene then switched over to Mia in a car as she said: “This is the weakest moments I’ve ever had.”

It’s not entirely clear what happened to Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally but it seems that it occurred on their honeymoon.

Tristan explained that they were detained by customs, which could mean that they had a problem getting back into the U.S.

Whatever did happen at the airport — could it threaten to end Mia and Tristan’s marriage before it even gets started?

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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