Mia Bally arrest shocked Married at First Sight producer – How did Tristan Thompson’s wife get past background checks?

Mia Bally at her wedding on Married at First Sight
Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson’s MAFS wedding turned into a nightmare at the airport

Married at First Sight just started up with Season 7 and already, Mia Bally’s arrest has overshadowed any other possible drama on the series. A lot of questions have been raised about how Mia may have been picked to marry Tristan Thompson with allegations of stalking in her past and one MAFS producer has already responded.

Viewers are still waiting to find out what happens next on Married at First Sight, especially how Tristan will react to news that his marriage to Mia comes with some baggage…and legal problems right from the start. MAFS has been dragging out the storyline and ended on Tuesday night with a “to be continued” but then went on to tease us with a sneak peek not long after.

It was during a MaFS sneak peek that aired during Seven Year Switch later that night that gave viewers clues as to how Mia Bally’s warrant may have slipped past producers during background checks.

Tristan was distraught in the airport after Mia was detained

“It has been 18 hours since Mia has been arrested, and still no one knows where she is,” Tristan said in the clip. “It sucks just waiting and not understanding and not knowing what’s going on. I’m scared for her.”

That’s when Tristan is seen with Married at First Sight producer Eric Detwiler as they sat down in a hotel room together to discuss Mia’s detainment. In the clip, Tristan is eager to see what is delaying their honeymoon trip to Cancun and the results were shocking.

“We’ve talked throughout this process about being open with you about everything,” Eric told Tristan with an envelope in his hand. “We ran every background check possible — the warrant, it was a shock to all of us.”

In the MaFS sneak peek, Tristan Thompson looked stunned, not only with the news of Mia’s airport detainment but even more after learning why. Eric was quick to remind Tristan that they didn’t know the whole story yet and still needed to hear what Mia had to say about everything.

So how did Married at First Sight, a show that runs all the possible background checks, miss out on Mia Bally’s stalking accusations? It’s likely all a matter of timing.

The warrant for Mia Bally’s arrest was issued in Ouachita Parish in February.  Mia and Tristan were married on March 25 and left for their honeymoon to Cancun on March 27.

It as at that point that Mia was detained by airport security as she and Tristan tried to pass through customs before boarding the plane. That’s when a security check was triggered and the warrant for allegedly stalking her ex-boyfriend was found.

Based on what Eric Detwiler told Tristan Thompson in the MaFS sneak peek, if Mia’s warrant was active during the background checks for the show, it would have been found. The only way for producers to have missed the giant red flag is that background checks were already complete prior to the warrant being issued.

It’s still not clear how Tristan Thompson reacts to news that his new wife was a wanted woman or how it will affect their marriage. After teasing the airport drama two weeks in a row, Married at First Sight viewers are hoping it will all come out on the next episode.

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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