Melora Hardin joins A Million Little Things — Is she Barbara Morgan?

Melora Hardin on The Bold Type
Melora Hardin is headed to ABC and A Million Little Things. Pic credit: Freeform

A Million Little Things has viewers asking several questions but the most important of all focuses on Barbara Morgan. Who is the mysterious woman and why is she named as beneficiary on the Rutledge policy?

Speculation was that Constance Zimmer would be playing Barbara Morgan on A Million Little Things. As it turns out, that is not what happened. She ended up being involved in the business project Jon (Ron Livingston) was trying to get passed.

Melora Hardin announces she is joining A Million Little Things

Fans are back to piecing things together. Barbara Morgan is connected to Jon from his college days. She is the one who made the painting that hangs in the secret apartment as was noted in a recent episode.

There is a lot more to the story and who she is and why she is a bigger part of the picture.

With the announcement from Melora Hardin, there is some suspicion that she will be Barbara Morgan. She looks around the same age, and if she is or was romantically involved with Jon, that would make perfect sense.

Hardin is excited about joining A Million Things, a show she was clearly a fan of before she was cast.

Who is Barbara Morgan?

This is the mystery that will haunt fans for a while longer. Each week clues are dropped, and the pieces are slowly coming together.

It looks like Melora Hardin will be the mystery woman, especially with a new character halfway through the first season. What will she bring with her as she enters the crazy world that was shaken when Jon took his life?

The aftermath is still springing surprises for everyone and the identity of Barbara Morgan may be the biggest one yet.

A Million Little Things airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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