Melissa is addicted to crack, sells her body for cash and has lost custody of her son on Intervention

Melissa in a dark room smoking crack on Intervention
Intervention tries to help crack addict and prostitute Melissa out of her downward spiral

This week Intervention meets Melissa, who is addicted to crack, working as a prostitute to pay for drugs and has lost custody of her boy.

Like many addicts, Melissa troubles started at an early age where she had an unstable and volatile environment. When she hit her teens drugs seemed a great way to escape and crack cocaine the greatest escape of all. She partied hard and sampled all the drugs the scene had to offer.

However, when her son was born Melissa tried to turn things around so he would not suffer the same upbringing she had herself. She binned the drugs and signed up for nursing school, hoping to restart her life. Unfortunately she failed to graduate and this pushed her back towards her old crutch crack and this time with some heroin thrown in.

Melissa is now 32-years-old and works as a prostitute to support her habits. Her son has been taken off her hands and her family think it is only a matter of time before she becomes a statistic.

Can an intervention help get Melissa back on the straight and narrow and get her son back?

Intervention airs Mondays at 9:00 PM on A&E.

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