Meghan Ory urges ‘Trabbies’ not to give up on Chesapeake Shores

Treat Williams and Meghan Ory on the Hallmark series Chesapeake Shores.
Treat Williams and Meghan Ory on the Hallmark series Chesapeake Shores. Ory spoke with ET Online about the departure of cast member Jesse Metcalfe in Season 5. Pic credit: Crown Media

Jesse Metcalfe made his final appearance on the Hallmark series Chesapeake Shores on Sunday. His exit put an end to any hopes that his character, Trace Riley, would end up happily ever after with series lead Abby O’Brien (played by Meghan Ory).

But Ory hopes fans of the couple — “Trabbies” as they call themselves — will not stop watching the show just because Trace is out of the picture. In a live interview with ET Online’s Deidre Behar, she said that what happened between Trace and Abby was for the best.

“Trace was someone who was really important to her emotionally when her family was going through a whole lot of tumultuous times,” Ory said. “I think that the fact that she’s able to say goodbye to him now from a place of love and happiness…shows the healing.”

Many fans expressed hope that Abby and Trace would end up together following the Season 4 finale when the two shared a kiss on the beach. But before Season 5 even began filming, Metcalfe announced he was leaving the series.

He filmed two episodes for Season 5, in which he and Ory’s character argued about getting back together before deciding it wasn’t the right time.

Life after Trabby

Though Trace’s exit is sad, Abby does manage to go on, Ory said. In fact, she said, the season ahead shows Abby at her happiest.

“Abby is really trying to have more fun and be more lighthearted,” she said. “This year is about her getting her groove back on.”

In addition to a new job, Abby also finds herself in a new place romantically in Season 5. Though Trace is out of the picture, a teacher from her daughters’ school is pursuing her, and she meets a quirky billionaire who gets under her skin.

New man in town

Evan Kincaid (played by Robert Buckley) is a new client who, in Ory’s words, is very demanding of Abby’s time.

“Evan is this like, you know, happy-go-lucky, positive, just super annoying pain in Abby’s butt,” Ory said.

Their personalities are so different that they end up using humor to defuse the tension, Ory said. The relationship is similar to the one between Sam and Diane on Cheers, which could have something to do with the fact that Phoef Sutton, the new showrunner, used to write for the series.

But the most important developments for Abby in Season 5 have nothing to do with her love life, Ory said.

Abby is finally starting to find some of the work-life balance that drove her from New York City back to Chesapeake Shores in the first place.

“She’s trying to listen to heart more and trying to do what’s best for herself and her girls and her family,” Ory said. “And part of that is, you know, leaving some things behind.”

Chesapeake Shores Season 5, Episode 3 will air Sunday, August 29 on Hallmark Channel at 8/7c.

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Terry Goetz
Terry Goetz
2 years ago

Done with Chesapeake Shores. It was the only series on Hallmark that me and my wife could watch together. I loved the fact that you couldn’t see what was coming. Trace and Abbey were the non-Hallmark type characters in the middle of the series. Very complex and more true to real life. Her kindergarten teacher love interest was too drippy sweet and shallow to be a real contender to the famous love affair of Trace and Abbey. I hear you are bringing in a millionaire developer type to be the new love interest…. sounds like a typical Hallmark scenario. Not interested in a predictable plot line. You should have killed Trace off in a plane or car accident after they got married and had a blissful honeymoon. Now, you are faced with Abbey being the mean ole witch of the north and she was once my favorite character. You should’ve let Metcalf have some creative license with his character and he would still be around to make the series successful.

2 years ago

The story of how to destroy a good series

2 years ago

Chesapeake Shores. The story of how to destroy a good series by gradually referring the role of Trace Riley to a family relationship without any kind of meaning or future on Abby’s life …

2 years ago

Abby & Trace were to tumultuous. It became annoying. I’m glad she has new prospects. She is no longer depressed all the time and seems happier. I would like to see some good musicians and singers emerge at the Bridge. Build on the music concept. It can be a great central location with a lot of interesting potential.