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Meet the cast of Little Women: Dallas

The Little Women: Dallas cast
The Little Women: Dallas cast. Find out more about each of them below

As Little Women: Dallas kicks off on lifetime, let’s have a look at the cast from the latest offshoot in Lifetime’s Little Women Franchise.

The new show, which airs Wednesdays at 10/9c, follows in the footsteps of its LA and Atlanta counterparts.

Despite being little, some of those shows’ regulars have gone on to become BIG stars — like Terra Jole, who featured on Dancing with the Stars at the end of her fifth season on the show.

So who’s in the line-up for the latest instalment of the series, which follows the ups and downs of women with dwarfism.

Let’s meet the Little Women: Dallas cast…

Amanda Loy

Amanda Loy
Amanda Loy, who you don’t want to mess with as she competes as a bodybuilder

Instagram: @_tinytitan
Amanda might be small but she makes up for it in strength — as a competitive bodybuilder.

The 4ft muscle model was the first person with dwarfism to compete on the NPC figure circuit — picking up a trophy in her first competition.

At the time of writing, she had nearly 8,000 followers on Instagram. But she has some demons in life that she can’t seem to escape from.

Find out more about Amanda Loy here.

Asta Young

Asta Young
Asta Young is a massive fan of Cosplay. Check out her Instagram for some great pics

Instagram: @astayoung
Asta Young is 4ft 5in and originally from Hong Kong. She spends most of her time dressing up to do Cosplay at various conventions.

You can see loads of pictures of her in various costumes on her Instagram, where she has ove 15,000 followers. She is also an artist and has an average-sized husband, Ty, who works in a bar.

Emily ‘Right Cheek’ Fernandez

Emily Fernandez
Emily Fernandez has the biggest social media following of the Little Women: Dallas girls

Instagram: @rightcheeklg
Former Little Women: Atlanta star Emily moved back to Dallas to be closer to her family after the loss of her son Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr. (JJ), who had lots of complications before he tragically died aged three months in August 2016.

She has a massive social media following, with 238,000 fans on Instagram and almost 15,000 on Twitter. She is part of duo The Cheeks, with Bri, below.

Bri ‘Left Cheek’ Barlup

Bri Barlup
Bri Barlup, who has been Emily’s bestie for years, and is always by her side

Twitter: @LeftCheekLG
Also from Little Women: Atlanta, Brianna moved to Dallas to be with and support her BFF Emily, above.

Like Emily, she is a model and dancer, and has nearly 13,000 followers on Twitter, but keeps her Instagram private.

She now wants to focus on expanding her family. She already has a son, Malik.

Caylea Woodbury

Caylea Woodbury
Caylea Woodbury, aka Lil’ Twerk, works as a go-go dancer and is the youngest cast member

Instagram: @liltwrk
Caylea is the youngest cast-member in the Little Women: Dallas line-up. She recently moved from New Hampshire and works as a go-go dancer.

Her stage name? Lil’ Twerk! Caylea is just getting into the celebrity game but already has nearly 4,000 followers on Instagram.

Tiffani Chance

Tiffani Chance
Tiffani Chance, who is a keen cheerleader — and who has a 6ft 4in boyfriend!

Twitter: @chance_tiffani
Another new face, Tiffani is a cheerleader but also recently graduated from cosmetology (beauty product) school.

She is close to settling with her long-term boyfriend Austin — who’s 6ft 4in — but her friends wish she’d stay single.

Another newbie to the fame game, she has 3,500 followers on Instagram, but keeps it private.

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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