Meet the cast of Bravo’s Sweet Home Oklahoma

The cast of Sweet Home Oklahoma
The Sweet Home Oklahoma cast: Josh Welch, Jennifer Welch, Angela Sullivan and Lee Murphy

Bravo’s newest reality series Sweet Home Oklahoma has arrived — and here’s the eccentric friends who make up the cast.

The show revolves around Angie ‘Pumps’ Sullivan, Jennifer Welch and Lee Murphy, who live in the suburban city of Nichols Hills.

They are unabashedly liberal in a conservative state and aren’t afraid of challenging the conventions around them.

But they love their hometown and wouldn’t consider living anywhere else.

The show also features Jennifer’s ex-husband Josh Welch. The couple are divorced, but are trying again to make things work and live together with their two sons.

Let’s meet the cast…

Angie ‘Pumps’ Sullivan

Angela 'Pumps' Sullivan
Angela is a lawyer and used to work for Josh, below. Pic: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Pumps is an attorney practicing marriage and family law. She has three kids, 16-year-old Sam, 14-year-old Emily, and 11-year-old Luke with her ex husband.

She used to want to be a teacher and studied an undergraduate degree in elementary education — but then realised she didn’t like working with kids.

She met Josh, below, at law school and later ended up working for him. They have known each other for 23 years. Angela later became friends with Jennifer after hiring her as an interior designer.

Jennifer Welch

Jennifer Welch
Jennifer often takes charge, earning her the nickname The Sheriff. Pic: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Jennifer is a top-end interior designer, and works on both homes and businesses. She is divorced from Josh, below, but the couple are trying to make amends, and live together with their two sons, 14-year-old Dylan and 10-year-old Roman.

She is a natural leader and knows how to get things done, earning her the nickname The Sheriff amongst her friends.

Josh Welch

Josh Welch
Josh has had difficulties in the past, but is getting things back on track. Pic: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Josh has had a rough few years. He struggled with addiction during his marriage to Jennifer which led to them getting divorced and to him resigning from his job.

He has now been sober for a year and a half, and has been working hard to smooth things over between him and Jennifer and get things back on track.

He’s know for his humor — and for being a great dad despite his difficulties.

Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy
Lee works in medical device sales and has recently hit the dating scene. Pic: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Murphy is a medical device sales rep. She is divorced with three kids, one aged 12 and twins aged 10. In the first episode she goes on a blind date for the first time in 17 years!

Lee used to be a competitive swimmer at national level when she was at school, and lived in various different cities around the US before moving back to Oklahoma City to raise her family.

Sweet Home Oklahoma airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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