Meet Swatch: Project Runway’s adorable celebrity dog

Project Runway star Swatch standing to attention at Mood Fabrics
Project Runway star Swatch standing to attention at Mood Fabrics. Pic: @projectrunway/Instagram

Project Runway has had some major A-list guests over the years, alongside its celebrity hosts — but they’re nothing compared to the show’s other big star…Swatch the dog!

Fans of the show will be familiar with the adorable Boston Terrier, who has appeared various times on the show over the years, often in host Tim Gunn’s arms.

He is owned by Eric Sauma, the manager at Mood Fabrics, which often features on the show.

And it’s always a joy for viewers whenever Swatch gets some camera time, no matter how fleeting.

In celebration of the canine fashion-favorite, Project Runway hosted a ‘Swatch takeover’ of its Instagram account today — featuring photos of Swatch during a day at Mood Fabrics.

Here he is guarding the entrance to the NYC store this morning:

And here he is waiting for his lunch:

Ok, so who’s bringing me my lunch?¿ ? @moodfabrics #ProjectRunway #SwatchTakeover #dogstagram

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We’re not the only ones to have a soft spot for Swatch. In 2013, Dogster writer Robyn Hagan Cain penned an ode to Swatch where she revealed she had a dog-crush on him and went to Mood specifically to meet him.

And she also told how many people who go to the store now do so specifically in the hope of seeing him!

In 2011, he also featured in a great article on dog/milk where he posed from some brilliant pics and we learned he loves, bones, tennis balls, and particularly water bottles — though he isn’t too partial to vacuum cleaners.

Swatch has been owned by Eric since 2007, and he has now become somewhat of a stalwart on the show.

He also has pride of place on the front page of the Mood Fabrics website, in a picture from his younger days:

Swatch keeping an eye on Mood's customers on the front page of their website
A young Swatch keeping an eye on Mood’s customers on the front page of their website

Last year fans started getting worried when he didn’t make an appearance for several episodes of the season, venting their frustrations in a thread on Reddit.

One said: “They show so little of the Mood visits – when we get them – now that I’m not surprised they’ve almost completely curtailed Swatch appearances as well. He’s eight years old now – maybe he’s getting camera-shy in his older years :)”

More Swatch please!

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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