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Meet sex doll Harmony: The AI robot who can see, speak and learn, on Dark Net

Artificially intelligent sex robot Harmony in footage from Showtime's Dark Net
Artificially intelligent sex robot Harmony in footage from Showtime’s Dark Net

The Season 2 premiere of Showtime’s series Dark Net features AI sex robot Harmony — who when completed will be able to see, speak and learn.

“Creating a visually beautiful doll is very right-brain challenging,” says Matt McMullen, founder of the firm behind it ReallDoll. “Creating an AI, on the other hand, is a whole other side of your brain, because you start analyzing what is it that attracts you to someone.”

Harmony, when completed, will recognize her owners’ face, voice and desires. The Dark Net Season 2 premiere looks at the prototype.

The AI programmers insist in the episode that they are trying to create dolls that have a positive outcome and that their owners are better off by having the dolls around.

Late last year, Vice published an article called Is RealDoll Close to Delivering Its Promised AI Sex Robots?

The piece probed whether the company, which says it creates “the world’s finest love dolls,” would be updating the dolls to make them world-leading relationship-bots.

They already sell life-size sex dolls with a poseable polyvinyl chloride skeleton with steel joints and silicone flesh, which are sold across the world.

This week’s premiere episode of Dark Net Season 2 also looks at how VR can be used to help war vets with PTSD.

The second season also explores whether the collection of our information and data is constructing an interconnected global net making us the last generation to have any experienced any sort of privacy.

Dark Net airs Thursdays at 10/8c on Showtime.

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