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Meet 1,300+ pound brothers David and Benji on My 600-lb Life

Meet David and Benji Bolton from this week’s My 600-lb Life — two brothers who together top the scales at over 1,300-lb.

Raised in a poor family, as youngsters they were given fast food and garbage carbohydrates as “treats” to keep them happy.

David is no longer able to work due to his weight, while his brother is close to experiencing the same fate.

Who are Benji and David Bolton?

Brothers Benji and David are from Texas. Their mother Rhonda and great-grandmother used pizza, cupcakes and cheeseburgers to make the boys happy. David was the oldest of six children and reached 100-lb by age six. By age ten, he weighed 145-lb.

Benji was blonde as a youngster and his mother entered him in child beauty pageant. This stung David who was much heavier and resented how his siblings were entered in pageants, but not him.

Benji Bolton, David Bolton
Texas brothers Benji, left, and David Bolton share their pathway to obesity on My 600-lb Life

Now at 747-lb, David is housebound, disabled from weight and no longer able to work, with his girlfriend supporting him. He still mourns his “best-friend” and late great-grandmother who died in front of him when he was eight years old.

Benji liked the beauty pageants, as he used to regularly win. Now he works as a tow-truck driver but is freaking out that he has reached 582-lb. He fears that he is heading down the same road as his older brother.

Can Benji support himself and his brother on their weight loss journey, or will he have to abandon his older brother to deal with his own health for the sake of his wife and kids?

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC

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