Mayans M.C. season 2 trailer premiere reveals Irby, Cardenas and Olmos as star power for biker series

Pardo is the sexy lead but we beg to differ. Pic credit: FX
Pardo is the sexy lead but we beg to differ. Pic credit: FX

This is likely going to anger some people.

The new trailer dropped for season two of FX’s Mayans, the spin-off of the SAMCRO juggernaut with a Hispanic biker gang down by the Mexican Cali border which stars JD Pardo as the sexy lead, prospect E.Z. Reyes, hiding a big secret.

But after taking in the entire first season, we have thoughts regarding who the actual leads and “stars” are, and it’s not Pardo for us.

He might be the Latino “Jax” of the series, but his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas), his father Felipe played by Edward James Olmos, and the club Presidente Bishop played by Michel Irby are stealing a lot of the critical thunder.

Olmos as Felipe gives an Emmy award-level performance as a man tortured by his past and desperate to keep his sons alive and what’s left of his family together. He breaks your heart. He eats scenery and no one is his equal.

Irby as Bishop shows the strength and experience this character actor brings to the role. Irby kills every scene he is in as well, and he’s subtle about it.

Cardenas is the sexy bad boy brother and surprisingly way more charismatic and interesting a character overall than his broody bro E.Z.

As season 1 went on, the fallout from U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter’s (Ray McKinnon) investigation saw him get in bed with Galindo (Danny Pino).

E.Z. Reyes old flame Emily (Sarah Bolger) is desperately trying to pull a Godfather 3 legit switcheroo to cement their wealth and gain some wider respectability and stability for their kids.

Legacy, the idea of it, runs strong in this series. And in the trailer, we see and hear M.C. President Bishop (Irby) say: “We’ve hit an ugly bump. We gotta do something, or lose everything.”

The club must be protected at all costs in this weird dynamic between the law and the cartel. Rock and a hard place.

Legacy too for the Reyes’ clan as father Felipe (Olmos) is now hiding and his past will be a huge reveal to his sons who see him as a grieving widower who has a carniceria. The skeletons will do a day of the dead dance for him, you can count on it.

The secrets too about their mother’s killer is something E.Z. now knows.

“It’s about mom, I know who killed her,” he tells his brother, Angel.

The secrets that brothers keep too will be tested. E.Z. is a mole for the law and yet wants to ride with the club. “This s*** with you and Angel, work it out,” Bishop tells E.Z., who may or may not want to ride forever with the MC.

Wildcards we love

The Tig of this series is El Coco (Richard Cabral) who gives crazy a whole new meaning. He offed his mother last season and his daughter is offering BJ’s to the highest bidders. No Bueno, Papi.

Wildcards we don’t

Emily (Sarah Bolger) is no Tara (Maggie Siff). Lo Siento Ems.

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Mayans M.C. returns with its sophomore season Sept. 3 on FX.

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