Max Joseph quits Catfish: The TV Show, but what is he doing after leaving?

Max Joseph Catfish
Max Joseph is leaving Catfish: The TV Show, but he has plenty of projects on the go. Pic credit: @maxjoseph/Instagram

Max Joseph has revealed that he’s leaving Catfish: The TV Show and his final episode airs tonight. His last appearance on the MTV hit is a countdown recap episode, where Max and Nev Schulman discuss some of the show’s wildest episodes.

Fans have complained that the show produces way too many countdown episodes, but this is how Max will leave the show behind.

Now that Max Joseph won’t be filming Catfish: The TV Show going forward, what will he be doing?

It should be noted that Max and co-star Nev Schulman have become great friends over the past several years as they have worked together on the show. So Nev, his wife Laura, and their daughter Cleo, will still be around in his life. Plus, Laura and Nev just announced they are expecting a baby boy, so Max will no doubt be there to meet him once he arrives.

In a post on Instagram where he announced that he was leaving Catfish: The TV Show, Max Joseph revealed that he had been balancing his career of TV host with that of being a filmmaker, and that he wanted to devote himself to that full time.

While filming Catfish, Max actually left for a few episodes to film his feature film, We Are Your Friends, which stars Zac Efron. He evidently now has a few new projects up his sleeve.

While Nev and his wife Laura have filmed together on TV in the past, Max has kept his private life off the small screen.

Fans may not realize that Max is actually a married man, and has been for most of the time he’s been filming Catfish: The TV Show.

Nev once revealed that it was tough on a relationship to fly around the country for months at a time, neglecting everything at home.

Max and his wife may well feel the same way, so leaving he show could leave him more time to spend with his wife Priscila and settle down after so many years of filming.

It sounds like Max’s future will be bright, creative, and packed with new filmmaking projects. We wish him well as he starts this new chapter of his life.

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