Maurice Benard stars as John Gotti in Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter

Maurice Benard is no stranger to playing a mob boss. Pic credit: ABC

Maurice Benard announced he would be playing John Gotti in an upcoming Lifetime movie a few months ago. Those who follow the General Hospital actor know that of all the roles he could be playing, a mob boss is definitely a fitting role.

The Lifetime movie Maurice Benard will be starring in is officially titled Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter. It will chronicle the life of the mobster’s daughter as she tries to reconcile how she feels about her father and how the world actually views him.

What we know about Maurice Benard’s role

Right now, the only definite is that Maurice Benard is playing John Gotti. Some of the photos released from the movie for promos reveal that some of the story will be told while the mobster was in prison. Benard can be seen looking older and in prison garb.

Of course, this makes sense as John Gotti was arrested in 1992 and convicted of several murders. Up until then, he was dubbed the Teflon Don because he was able to escape being arrested for many of the crimes he was believed to have committed.

Victoria Gotti was close to her father, seeing much of what his life was like from the inside. As Maurice Benard steps into the role of John Gotti, viewers will get to see what the relationship between the father and daughter was like, including his disapproval of her boyfriend-turned-husband.

When will it air?

The details surrounding Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter have been scarce. When the news about the movie broke months ago, there wasn’t even a definite title. Now, everything is falling into place and an official premiere date on Lifetime has been made public.

Along with Maurice Benard, Chelsea Frei will step into the role of Victoria Gotti. The two will be spending a lot of time together throughout the movie and during some of the parts, Victoria Gotti will narrate.

Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter airs February 9, 2019, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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