MasterChef recap: Two home cooks eliminated, does Lindsay Haigh survive?

Chef Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich sample dishes on MasterChef
Chef Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich sample dishes on MasterChef

MasterChef sent two contestants home on the most recent episode, leaving viewers worried about fan favorite Lindsay Haigh. The top 17 home cooks from 2018 had to prepare dishes with Cajun flavors in a memorable episode for the season.

It was another Mystery Box challenge for the home cooks, with MasterChef judge Aaron Sanchez revealing crawfish, oysters, catfish, redfish, and shrimp. He would join the cooks in the kitchen during preparation, showing off his skills. The challenge itself was to use at least two of the primary ingredients to wow the judges.

When the 17 home cooks were done preparing their dishes, they were told about a twist in the episode. The cook that made the worst dish would be going home. Immediately. Many of the home cooks looked very worried. As seen below, Chef Aaron Sanchez was first to present his dish.

Mystery Box Challenge judged

Three dishes were brought down as the worst options from the Mystery Box Challenge. Taylor Waltmon made a redfish & spicy shrimp with fettuccine and tomato sauce.

Gerron Hurt had prepared a pan-seared redfish with shrimp au gratin potato, sugar snap peas, and carrots. Matt Houck also made a pan-seared redfish, serving his with fried oysters, braised leeks, carrot puree, and roasted cauliflower.

There were problems with each dish, but the home cook heading out the front door was Matt Houck. That left just 16 contestants battling to win MasterChef 2018.

Each of the judges then got to choose two mentees that would be safe based on their Cajun dishes. The six home cooks gaining safety were Ryan Cortez, Ceasar Cano, Ralph Degala, Mark Ingraham, Samantha Daily, and Bowen Li.

In addition to gaining safety, the six safe home cooks got to vote on who would receive punishments in the Pressure Test. The punishments would be less time to prepare their dishes.

Time for the Pressure Test

Salisbury steak was the Pressure Test. The people receiving punishments were told the bad news. While most people would receive 45 minutes, Shanika Patterson had only 40 minutes, Emily Hallock had only 35 minutes, and Julia Danno had just 30 minutes.

Everyone had to prepare Salisbury steak in a mushroom sauce, served with potatoes and green beans.

Two of the three of the home cooks that received punishments did well with their dishes. It was clear that Emily Hallock and Julia Danno are two people to watch closely for the rest of Season 9.

Everyone was brought down to the front to be judged at the end of the episode. The chefs noted that four people excelled. They were SJ Yun, Emily, Gerron, and Julia. The bad news was for Chelsea Sargent, Lindsay, and Shanika. The judges talked about each dish before announcing who would be going home.

Lindsay Haigh was the home cook eliminated.

MasterChef airs new episodes every Wednesday night at 8/7c on FOX.

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