MasterChef recap: Taylor Waltmon and Ryan Cortez fail to impress while chef Joe Bastianich steps in

Ceasar Cano and Mark Ingraham
Ceasar Cano and Mark Ingraham cook on July 25 episode of MasterChef

On the latest episode of MasterChef, Joe Bastianich and the top 15 home cooks were back to compete in a team challenge. The cooks would get paired off to compete for their survival in the game. Choosing the right partner was crucial, as no one wanted to be the one who goes home on MasterChef this week.

After they were told that they could form their own teams, the cooks were off and running in the kitchen.

The top 15 teams were as follows:

  • Bowen Li and Shanika Patterson
  • Ceasar Cano and Mark Ingraham
  • Ashley Mincey and Taylor Waltmon
  • Ryan Cortez and Gerron Hunt
  • Chelsea Sargent and Samantha Daily
  • Farhan Momin and Emily Hallock
  • Julia Danno and SJ Yun

That left Ralph Degala as the only unpaired home cook.  It was revealed that Ralph would get to cook with chef Joe Bastianich.

Gordon Ramsay also revealed that Ralph would be safe from elimination this week. In this case, not getting picked for a team had its perks.

Each duo was given the base ingredients of chicken, bacon, carrots, cornmeal, and onions. All eight teams had to then prepare a dish to impress the judges.

Cesar and Mark were chastised quite a bit by Gordon Ramsay when they presented their dish. He said he was “disappointed” and “underwhelmed” by their performance. What made it worse, was that Mark felt very comfortable with his dish.

Ashley Mincey and Taylor Waltmon also had a terrible time in the kitchen. The result was a dish that Gordon Ramsay wanted nothing to do with. The video below showed how badly it went. It really hit home with the women, as it was Gordon who had picked them both for his team this season.

The winning team was Julia Danno and SJ Yun, making them safe for the night. Joe called the rest of the teams down to the front. The teams of Chelsea Sargent and Samantha Daily, Bowen Li and Shanika Patterson, and Farhan Momin and Emily Hallock. Ralph Degala were also safe.

Cheese souffle time

The six worst home cooks of the night had to prepare the perfect cheese souffle.

As they began making their dishes, Gordon explained what he wanted to see from them. They only had 40 minutes to do it, with several cooks struggling early on in the preparation. Ashley, Taylor, and Ryan appeared to be having the most problems.

Several of the cooks failed to really impress the judges with their final product, but only one home cook was going home on MasterChef Season 13 Episode 10.

Ryan Cortez is the home cook going home this week. The top 14 advance to cook another week.

MasterChef airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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