MasterChef recap: Season 10, episode 10 covers Gerron’s wedding

Gerron MasterChef Wedding
Gerron Hurt and Brandi Beckham got married during MasterChef Season 10 episode. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

The MasterChef recap for Season 10, Episode 10 focuses on Gerron’s wedding as the top 14 home chefs compete in another challenge.

Liz Linn and Michael Silverstein were eliminated last week, leaving just 14 people left competing for the title. It was a tough episode for the cooks who had lost a team challenge, but there are even bigger challenges to come.

MasterChef recap: Episode 10

Gerron Hurt was the MasterChef Season 9 winner, meaning he should be very recognizable to the television audience. He returned to the show at his own wedding, where the new contestants are going to need to shine.

The ceremony was a beautiful segment during the episode, as Gerron Hurt and Brandi Beckham got married. Gordon Ramsay also promised them that this was one dinner service that they weren’t going to mess up.

Top 14 home cooks prepare 45 wedding meals

The top 14 home cooks were split into two teams to undertake the latest challenge. Bri Baker was made the captain of the Blue Team, while Wuta Onda took charge of the Red Team.

The Red Team was made up of Wuta Onda, Micah Yaroch, Keturah King, Dorian Hunter, Jamie Hough, Noah Sims, and Sarah Faherty

The Blue Team had Bri Baker, Shari Mukherjeee, Renee Rice, Fred Chang, Subha Ramiah, Sam Haaz, and Nick DiGiovanni.

Renee and Shari were at odds in their kitchen during a lot of the preparation and it never seemed like Bri was actually in control of her team.

Over on the Red Team, Noah was having a lot of problems dealing with his shellfish allergy as he was trying to do everything possible to lead his team to a victory.

Who lost Team Challenge on MasterChef?

This was a challenge that was right in line for the Red Team to win it, but they served undercooked food. That turned into a huge save for several members of the Blue Team who could have been going home.

Raw lobster just didn’t cut it with the judges and the Red Team lost. Wuta Onda, Micah Yaroch, Keturah King, Dorian Hunter, Jamie Hough, Noah Sims, and Sarah Faherty will be cooking for their lives in the game during the next episode.

MasterChef airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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