MasterChef recap: Providence restaurant challenge is close to the heart — Who went home?

Cesar Cano on September 5 episode of MasterChef
Cesar Cano on September 5 episode of MasterChef. Pic credit: Fox

MasterChef aired two new episodes beginning with a Providence restaurant challenge in Los Angeles. The top six home cooks were trying to survive for another week on the show as the competition gets tougher.

Restaurant Takeover Challenge – Providence

Episode 18 of this season of MasterChef began with a challenge at the Providence restaurant. Taking place at a Michelin star restaurant (in fact, they are rated as 2 stars, which is a huge deal) , the top six home cooks knew that they needed to perform well.

They were told it would be another Team Challenge. Based on the performances during the August 29 episode, Ashley Mincey and Gerron Hurt were made team captains.

The Red Team captain was Ashley and she cooked with Bowen Li and Cesar Cano.  The Blue Team captain was Gerron and he got to work with Farhan Momin and Samantha Daily.

As with most team competitions, there were highs and lows during the segment. One of the lows was when Gordon Ramsay had to step in and help Gerron, only to have Gerron snap at him. Both teams struggled but ended up completing the service. It ended up ending with no decision on who had won, with the competition too close to call by the diners.

When the show returned, back at the MasterChef Kitchen, it was revealed that the Red Team (Ashley, Bowen, and Cesar) had won.

Pressure Test has home chefs working with chocolate

Gerron, Farhan, and Samantha had to take part in the Pressure Test for the evening. Each judge presented one of the dessert dishes that had to be replicated. They were a white chocolate pannacotta, a milk chocolate whipped mousse, and a dark chocolate molten lava cake.

Gerron was the best performer in this challenge, presenting three great dishes. This left Farhan and Samantha at risk of getting eliminated. Just judging it on the Pressure Test, the judges deemed Samantha safe. Farhan Momin was eliminated.

Mystery Box Challenge is a battle close to the heart

Inside the Mystery Box this week, was a letter from home for each of the cooks. They all enjoyed the moment, but it wasn’t over yet. The top five home cooks were tasked with creating a dish inspired by their loved ones.

When they went to the pantry, each of the top five found one of their family members waiting for them. It was a nice emotional segment. It was then off to the races for the cooks with their loved ones watching.

Bowen Li was deemed the winner of the challenge after preparing a pan-seared pork chop with sauteed peppers, pepper sauce, beets, and cauliflower puree. This allowed him to get an advantage in the Elimination Challenge.

He got to pick his ingredient from duck heart, tuna heart, lamb heart, a cow heart, and an artichoke heart. He went with the artichoke.

No heartbreak during Elimination Challenge

The five home cooks all created dishes using the five different types of hearts. Each one of them ended up with a dish that the judges enjoyed. It led to them deciding not to send anyone home from that group. The top five all survived to cook for another episode.

Who went home on MasterChef tonight?

Just one home cook went home during the Septemeber 5 MasterChef recap and it was Farhan Momin. The top five home cooks are Gerron Hurt, Ashley Mincey, Bowen Li, Cesar Cano, and Samantha Daily.

MasterChef airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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