MasterChef Episode 7 recap: Who went home? Top 19 compete in mystery box challenge

Top 19 MasterChef home chefs learn the mystery box challenge is walnuts
The Top 19 learn that walnuts are the main ingredient in the Mystery Box Challenge

Want to know who went home on MasterChef last night? Read our full recap below!

Walnuts were on the menu for the Mystery Box Challenge when Episode 7 of MasterChef pitted the top 19 contestants against each other.

Each of the remaining 19 home cooks had to use walnuts as the star of their dish. The judges noted that the winner of the mystery box challenge would receive the biggest advantage given out to this point of the season.

During the last episode, the top 20 participated in the first team challenge of the season. In the end, Darrik Krause was sent home after falling short in his preparation of a banana cream pie. As he was being judged, Darrik admitted he had never made whipped cream before.

Aaron Sanchez had all eight of his home cooks left, Joe Bastianich had six left, and Gordon Ramsay had five left in the competition at the beginning of Episode 7.

Mystery box judging – Walnuts

The judges chose three walnut dishes they felt were the best to call down for a taste. Bowen Li made pork shrimp walnut dumplings with miso chicken stock, which all of the judges loved, with Joe stating that it was “very, very good.”

Samantha Daily made potato gnocchi with walnut pesto sauce, stating that she loved making Italian foods. The judges noted that they liked the unique flavors. Cesar Cano made banana walnut pan dulce with grated corn and citrus basil creme fraiche. They liked his dish as well, with Joe saying it was “very good.”

In the end, the three judges picked Cesar as the winner. He gained safety and got to choose what the rest of the home cooks would have to make in the elimination challenge. Each judge presented something to make. He went with churros and chocolate sauce, as presented by Aaron Sanchez.

Cesar also got to choose 10 more people to be safe with him on the balcony. He selected Chelsea, Ashley, Emily, SJ, Ralph, Farhan, Gerron, Ryan, Lindsay, and Mark. This meant the other eight home cooks had to make them well to survive another elimination.

Time to make some churros

The eight home cooks forced to make churros with chocolate sauce were Alecia, Bowen, Julia, Juni, Matt, Samantha, Shanika, and Taylor.

Some of them struggled a bit, having not made the dish before. The problems that the judges had with Alecia were highlighted, as she had “showboated” when she finished making her dish. She ended up breaking most of her churros and adding way too much sugar in the eyes of the judges.

Alecia Winters was the home cook sent home to close out MasterChef Episode 7. The top 18 contestants now move on to the next episode, which will take place July 4 on Fox.

MasterChef airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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