MasterChef Episode 6 recap: Top 20 compete in team challenge

MasterChef June 20 Image
A team competition highlighted the June 20 episode of MasterChef — Pic credit: Fox

MasterChef Episode 6 aired on June 20, as the top 20 battled in the first team challenge of the summer. Two teams of 10 faced off, with the winning team set to gain safety from going home this time.

During the last episode, Olusola Ogbomo and Stephanie Willis went home. They joined Sid Hoeltzell and Sal Maida, who got sent home first from the top 24 this season.

A fried food challenge awaited the teams this evening, as they traveled to 101 Brewers in order to take advantage of the secret ingredient of the night: beer. Before that happened, though, teams had to be formed from the top 20 home cooks.

Chelsea and Bowen had the best dishes in the prior episode, winning them a chance to be team captains. As Chelsea had the overall best dish, she was given the choice of what she would cook or who would be on her team. She went with picking the teams.

Team Chelsea (Blue Team) became Alecia, Cesar, Darrick, Emily, Farhan, Juni, Lindsay, Shanika, and Taylor. That meant that Team Bowen (Red Team) would have Ashley, Chelsea, Gerron, Mark, Matt, Ralph, Ryan, Samantha, and SJ.

As for the dishes, the Blue Team was assigned the fried chicken sandwich with beer-battered onion rings and corn salad. The Red Team was tasked with making beer-battered fish & chips with coleslaw and tartar sauce. The judges in this competition were the employees at the brewery, who paid $10 each to the team with the best dish.

During the competition itself, both kitchens had some problems. The Red Team was chastised for cooking the fish too early, risking it becoming soggy while awaiting the outdoor diners. When Gordon Ramsay checked the fish, it was worse than being soggy, as some of it was raw.

As for the Blue Team, this is where some familiar Gordon Ramsay expressions came out. A lot of the chicken coming out of the kitchen was still raw. Raw chicken can make people sick enough to kill them, and Ramsay takes that very seriously in his kitchens. This resulted in quite a bit of it getting thrown out.

The Red Team ended up winning the challenge and gaining safety. The Blue Team was then forced to clean up both kitchens. Chelsea, as the captain of the losing team, had to pick three people who would be deemed safe. The remaining seven would be competing to stay in the game. Chelsea chose to save Cesar, Alecia, and Juni. The remaining seven people would have to make a banana cream pie.

Emily, Lindsay, Chelsea, and Taylor were told that they were safe after making their pies. That left Darrick, Farhan, and Shanika at risk of going home. Darrik Krause, who had troubles with his dish, noting that it was also the first time he had made whipped cream, ended up getting sent home. That brought an end to Episode 6.

The top 19 home cooks will now compete on the June 27 episode to make it further this summer.

MasterChef airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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