MasterChef Episode 5 recap: Top 22 compete at cooking crab, two go home

MasterChef Season 9 Episode 5
MasterChef Season 9 Episode 5 required home cooks to prepare crab. Image Credit: Fox

MasterChef Episode 5 aired on June 13 as the top 22 battled it out for safety, trying to survive to see another week in the kitchen. To begin the episode, the home chefs were tasked with presenting the perfectly cooked crab. As seen in the video below, Chef Gordon Ramsay demonstrated exactly how the home cooks should do it.

Sid Hoeltzell and Sal Maida went home during the last episode. They were the first two of the top 24 to get cut, but two more people would be joining them by the end of the June 13 episode. A spot in the top 20 was on the line, but first, it was time for Gordon Ramsay to show the home cooks how to make the perfect crab.

Once the demonstration was complete, the 22 remaining home cooks began preparing their crabs. The challenge was to present the crab exactly as Gordon Ramsay had instructed. The cooks who were able to succeed in that goal were deemed safe and got to go upstairs and watch. Those cooks that didn’t perform well in the challenge, were then forced to cook for their spots on the show.

The person deemed to have performed the best was Chelsea, who got extra credit from Gordon. The other home cooks who gained safety were Alecia, Ashley, Bowen, Cesar, Emily, Julia, Juni, Lindsay, Mark, SJ, Sanika, and Taylor.

The home cooks who had to compete in the elimination challenge were Darrick, Farhan, Gerron, Matt, Olusola, Ralph, Ryan, Samantha, and Stephanie. The task was to recreate Gordon Ramsay’s crab, Benedict. Again, Gordon showed them how to prepare the dish.

Upon trying to duplicate the second Gordon Ramsay dish of the night, the home cooks had to present their food to the judges. From the group of nine cooks, three were chosen as having the worst dishes of the group. Gerron, Olusola, and Stephanie were brought out front to be judged.

To close out Masterchef Season 9 Episode 5, Olusola and Stephanie were sent home. The MasterChef top 20 has been determined. They will next compete on the June 20 episode of the show.

MasterChef airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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