MasterChef 2019: Top 20 cooks ready to impress Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich

MasterChef Season 10 Judges
MasterChef 2019 has its top 20 home cooks for Season 10. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

MasterChef 2019 is down to its top 20 cooks. It took two full episodes to get to that point, as the trio of judges hosted auditions for Season 10.

Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich are the three judges for Season 10, and they are offering a huge prize to the winner.

In addition to a prize of $250,000 and the MasterChef trophy, the 2019 winner will receive training at a restaurant owned by each of the judges.

Now that the top 20 home cooks have been selected the show can finally get started on the competition phase of Season 10. Below are clips from what will take place during Episode 3.

MasterChef 2019 top 20 home cooks

Below are the 20 cast members participating in MasterChef Season 10. The first episode where they will begin competing as individual competitors will air on June 12. The men outnumber the women this season, but anyone could win.

Women in MasterChef top 20

  • Bri Baker (cocktail server from Dallas)
  • Deanna Colon (vocal coach from California)
  • Keturah King (freelance writer from London)
  • Kimberly White (shoe designer from New York)
  • Liz Linn (events consultant from Michigan)
  • Renee Rice (receptionist from Oklahoma)
  • Sarah Faherty (former army interrogator from San Diego)
  • Shari Mukherjee (mom from Minnesota)

Men in MasterChef top 20

  • Dorian Hunter (creeler from Georgia)
  • Evan Tesiny (sales coordinator from Brooklyn)
  • Fred Chang (revenue analyst from California)
  • Jamie Hough (fisherman from South Carolina)
  • Kenny Palazzolo (carpenter from Boston)
  • Micah Yaroch (kitchen porter from Michigan)
  • Michael Silverstein (real estate flipper from Pittsburgh)
  • Nick DiGiovanni (college student from Rhode Island)
  • Noah Sims (septic service technician from Georgia)
  • Sam Haaz (attorney from Philadelphia)
  • Subha Ramiah (R&D director from New York)
  • Wuta Onda (English teacher from the Bronx)

Season 10 MasterChef preview

Episode 3 for MasterChef 2019 takes place on Wednesday, June 12. FOX is advertising a really exciting episode, as the top 20 home cooks will compete in a culinary boot camp.

The first Mystery Box Challenge of the season will also take place, with Gordon Ramsey hosting the competition.

MasterChef 2019 airs Season 10 episodes Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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