Mars premiere blasts off for the Red Planet

Mars awaits, but what will the first humans to set foot on another planet find?

National Geographic’s space exploration miniseries Mars premieres tonight and promises drama and spectacle.

The story follows a 2033 manned mission to Mars, as humans finally push out into the Solar System.

Stars of the galaxy
Humans seem to have an in-built desire to explore, are strange new worlds the next step…

A long and hazardous journey awaits as the global public/private initiative sends the first people to Mars and plans a colony.

Going to the Red Planet is far more difficult than visiting the Moon with the sheer amount of supplies and equipment needed requiring some clever designs and fixes. Not to mention the physical affect on those making the journey. Months without gravity combined with high levels of radiation mean it could well be a one-way trip for some of those involved.

Plans for Mars settlement
This is not a quick visit, this is settlement of Mars. But will the first Martians survive long?

The $20 million drama marks a change of direction for the channel and the high production value fiction is mixed with real footage and interviews with scientists and other player.

Oscar winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are both involved in the production, which runs for six episodes.

Watch the premiere of Mars tonight at 9/8c PM on National Geographic.

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