Married by Mom and Dad: Devin’s wedding day but will he tell his bride he’s slept with the wedding planner?

The wedding planner and Devlin have a history
Devin is looking forward to finally meeting his bride on Married by Mom and Dad

On this week’s episode of  Married by Mom and Dad, Devin’s wedding day is finally here and Bethany’s parents cannot decide on their choice of suitor.

As Devin’s big day arrives, he will finally find out who his parents have chosen to be his bride. Will he be happy with their decision or could this marriage be over before it’s even begun?

Plus his wedding planner is a woman he previously met on a dating app and had a few wild nights with, they are just friends now but will he mention it to his new bride?

The wedding planner and Devlin have a history
The wedding planner and Devin have history and they stay in contact

Meantime, Bethany’s parents can’t make up their minds regards her husband. A couple of the suitors match up to their expectations pretty well, but only one can marry their daughter.

Also on this episode, Tahnee’s mom get serious about the task and starts searching for a husband.

Catch Married by Mom and Dad – Should I Stay or Should I Go? at 10 PM on TLC.

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