Married at First Sight’s Jamie Otis has been diagnosed with HPV while pregnant

Jamie Otis
Jamie revealed that she has been diagnosed with HPV. Pic credit: Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. With Doug & Jamie/YouTube

There’s sad news for Jamie Otis and her husband, Doug Hehner. It turns out that Jamie has tested positive for HPV (human papillomavirus).

Jamie posted a beautiful picture of her family on Instagram with baby Henley Grace holding an ultrasound. In the caption, she shared the news. “I went to the doc and heard my pap was bad & I have HPV. Although it sounds like an STD and I should freak the F out, I know this is somewhat common and not to be overly worried about.”

Jamie then continued, “I was scheduled to have a colposcopy just to take a better look at the skin cells in my vagina.?Also, not really a big deal as long as the doc doesn’t see dysplasia…if she does then it could be a sign of early cancer.”

YouTube video player

Jamie then proceeded to let her followers know that she posted a video on her YouTube page while she was at the doctor’s office. She then followed up with more news. “Buuut, I got the call today saying that my doc did see dysplasia & since I’m pregnant we will have to wait to biopsy my cervix until after I have the baby.”

According to, HPV is a virus that can cause certain cancers and diseases in men and women. Many people who have it don’t know that they have it since there are no signs or symptoms.

According to WebMD, cervical dysplasia is a precancerous condition in which abnormal cell growth occurs on the surface lining of the cervix or endocervical canal — the opening between the uterus and the vagina.

A baby boy on the way

Doug and Jamie just had a cute gender reveal, where they learned they were having the first Married at First Sight boy.

“Doug instantly cried tears of joy. Our first baby was a boy, but we lost him at 17 weeks. Of course, he loves our daughter, but he’s wanted a baby boy so badly for so long. This is truly an answered prayer for us,” Jamie told People last month. Doug and Jamie also have daughter, Henley Grace, who is two.

Jamie is in our thoughts and prayers.

Married at First Sight returns January 1 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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