Married at First Sight spoilers: Shawniece is PREGNANT, but who’s the baby daddy?

Shawniece on Married at First Sight
Shawniece on the Season 6 finale of Married at First Sight

SPOILER ALERT! Shawniece Jackson from Married at First Sight Season 6 is PREGNANT!

The news was revealed before the season finale, which reveals which couples decide to stay together, had even aired on Lifetime.

The baby will be Shawniece’s first — but who is the baby daddy? The news Shawniece had a bun in the oven was revealed by People, but intriguingly they DIDN’T reveal who the father is.

Fans were left wondering if it is Jephte Pierre — her husband on the show — or someone else, and were hoping to have the news confirmed on the Season 6 finale.

Shawniece told People: “When I found out I was pregnant, I was absolutely shocked. I was in the emergency room because I felt awful and had no idea what was wrong.

“They came back and told me all my symptoms were from pregnancy and that I was pregnant. I was totally shocked.”

However, she said she had “always wanted” to be a mother and that she felt that it was her life’s purpose, adding: “Life is a beautiful thing!”


Fans were left in even more of a tizzy after the Married at First Sight Facebook page posted the People story before the finale, and appeared to reveal that the baby daddy WAS Jephte.

They wrote: “We’re so happy for Shawniece and Jephte! ???? Make sure you tune in to see which couples find happily ever

One fan said: “REALLY!!!! Why would they spoil the whole finale!!! BBBBOOOOOOOOO ?.”

Another added: “WTHeck? News BEFORE the finale airs? REALLY? Talk about a spoiler alert .. this better be a joke!”