Married at First Sight rumors: Is Taylor who she says she is?

Taylor was said to be a scientist at John Hopkins, but a blogger seems to have some information that puts that into question. Pic credit: Lifetime

Taylor Dunklin of Married at First Sight seems to have it all: beauty and brains. But recently, viewers learned that her husband, Brandon Reid, filed for a divorce. Is it possible that Taylor isn’t who she appears to be?

According to blogger MafsFan, Taylor hasn’t been all that forthcoming when it comes to her career.

MafsFan posted on Instagram that Taylor is not a scientist at John Hopkins University. Taylor is, in fact, a program coordinator. It’s not a bad job, but not at all what she led viewers to believe she did for a living.

Taylor's Job description
MafsFan posted that Taylor is a Research Program Coordinator. Pic credit: Instagram/MafsFan

The blogger pulled the proof straight from John Hopkins’ directory.

John Hopkins website
Taylor is shown on John Hopkins’ website to have the same job description that MafsFan said she did. Pic credit: Instagram/MafsFan

MafsFan went on to further explain what is going on with Taylor’s career. She said that Taylor remains affiliated with John Hopkins, but some clinical trials list her as a sub-investigator.

MafsFan's clarification
MafsFan wanted to make sure that there was no confusion about what she learned regarding Taylor’s employment. Pic credit: Instagram/MafsFan

Then MafsFan shared some interesting information regarding Taylor and how she came to be one of the brides on the show.

According to the blogger, Brandon and two other grooms had different matches for the show, but those brides backed out a month before shooting the show.

Instead of forgoing Brandon all together, the show allegedly added Taylor last minute. Because of this, the show couldn’t perform all of the normal background verifications.

The blogger then goes on to say that Taylor has a suspended license, lives with her mom, is not a scientist, and is not getting a Ph.D. or a Master’s Degree.

MafsFan said a groomsman in Brandon and Taylor’s wedding shared this information.

Groomsman's wedding info
Allegedly, a groomsman in Brandon and Taylor’s wedding has said that Taylor wasn’t originally picked to be Brandon’s bride. Pic credit: Instagram/MafsFan

With all of these rumors, this season may be one of the juiciest ones yet.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

It’s actually JOHNS HOPKINS, not John…and considering your source was the groom’s friend, I’d triple check your info.