Married at First Sight recap: Meltdowns, commitment issues and tear-jerking vows — the weddings continue

Mindy and Zach
The second part of the weddings showed tonight and Zach and Mindy had the tears flowing. Pic credit: Lifetime

The second part of the weddings aired tonight on Married at First Sight and this episode was a tear-jerker.

It started off with Meka’s dress meltdown, which turned into happiness after being calmed down by her bridal party. She went out to marry Michael, who had some pretty sweet vows.

Then came Mindy and Zach. Zach’s mom said in her confessional that Zach has commitment issues (uh-oh). As the wedding begins, Mindy’s side is empty due to the fact that her family didn’t attend. Zach’s family had some questions about the empty seats.

Then they say their vows, and in one of the most heartwarming gestures ever seen on Married at First Sight, Zach gets on one knee and asks Mindy to marry him. Tissues were needed, everyone was touched and they said, “I do.”

But before walking away from the ceremony, Zach took a selfie of himself and his new bride. That’s gonna be a great Instagram photo.

Next are the receptions and Meka and Michael have their first marital issue when they disagree about kids. Michael wants to wait two years and Meka wants to wait a year. Mindy also is disappointed that she didn’t get to have her father-daughter dance.

We catch up with the already married couples where Brandon seems a little more talkative with his new mother-in-law than he was with his new bride. Taylor’s mom isn’t a fan of how the two got married, but she seems to like Brandon so far. Then Taylor says that Brandon talks a lot. That must not have been seen on camera.

Katie tells Derek’s friends that Derek is hot. Katie’s dad likes Derek so far.

Jessica and Mindy have an unexpected meeting in the bathroom and gush about their new husbands. Mindy says Zach is perfect and Jessica can tell that Mindy is over the moon.

Next, the cakes get cut, well, except for Brandon and Taylor, because Brandon just goes fist in and grabs a hunk. So much for saving the first layer for their one-year anniversary. Even the guests looked confused.

Katie’s bridesmaid is barefoot and drunk. Not only that but this bride is ready and already asking Derek about sex. A lot of what was said had to be censored. Derek seems totally amused by her though and is starting to think he may get lucky on his wedding night.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesday 8/7c on Lifetime.

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