Married at First Sight gets awkward as Cody tells others: ‘We haven’t had sex yet’

Cody speaking on Married at First Sight
Cody tells the others how he and Danielle haven’t had sex yet on Married at First Sight

The three couples on Married at First Sight meet for the first time on this week’s episode — and there’s a big case of awkward when Cody Knapek comes right out and tells everyone he and Danielle DeGroot haven’t had sex yet.

The embarrassing moment comes as the couples all sit around the table and explain to each other what they think their biggest problems are.

For the other two couples the issues seem relatively minor. Ashley Petta addresses how she is struggling to accept taking on husband Anthony D’Amico’s last name.

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Anthony tries to make a point by fake-whispering across the table at her, saying that her own last name was her father’s last name.

Meanwhile, Sheila Downs talks about how husband Nate Duhon is “very much a mommy’s boy”. She says: “His mom goes like, ‘So does this mean I’m not your queen any more?'”

But the most cringe-worthy confession comes when Cody just goes public with their most private of news, telling everyone out loud: “I think our biggest problem…we still haven’t had sex yet.”

His comment causes a whole barrage of confused and bemused looks from the others around the table.

As well as the group meal, the guys and girls are also split up during the episode to spend some time with each other in groups to get to know each other.

It’s hoped they will be able to become a good support network for each other as their marriages progress.

Cody and Danielle’s “will they-won’t they” have sex dilemma has been a central theme of this season of Married at First Sight.

But as one fan said on Facebook: “There are some things that should NOT be discussed on camera. Cody could have mentioned this to the guys off camera and asked for their advice. Wow!”

Married At First Sight airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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