Married At First Sight: Fans take sides over Derek and Heather

Heather argues with Derek about her hunky surf instructor on tonight's Married At First Sight
Heather argues with Derek about her hunky surf instructor on tonight’s Married At First Sight

In the Honeymoons Part 2 episode, the pair try to bond over surfing in the sea.

Heather says she has woken up with a “fresh attitude”, while Derek adds: “If anything’s going to bring us together, it’s this big blue ocean.”

But things quickly take a downward turn again, with Heather having a go at Derek over an apparent episode of jealousy after she got a bit too close to her hunky surf instructor for his liking.

Derek later complains: “I’m stuck with this girl. With this thing [his ring].”

And Heather says: “This is not working.”

It comes after last week when the pair fell out over Derek’s ‘smoking’, and fans of the show were quick to take sides on FYI’s Facebook — mainly in favor of Derek, with one branding Heather a “nut job”.

Married At First Sight Facebook comment

Judy Bandola added: “There is something really wrong with her. No wonder her relationships never lasted.

“She wants a perfect man.”

Heather said she was ok with ‘occasional smoking’ when she signed up for the show.


And while she was annoyed with Derek for doing it on their honeymoon, some fans picked up on the amount she was drinking.


But some also took Heather’s side — saying the smoking was just an excuse she was using because she doesn’t like him.


And others attempted to clear up a hazy issue.


Watch the preview for tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight to see what’s coming next.

Also tonight, Lillian and Tom get even closer, but Tom is not being totally revealing, and Nick and Sonia show their competitive natures…

Married At First Sight airs Tuesdays at 8.30/7.30c on FYI.

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